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"All our products are natural, unpasteurized & free of hormones or antibiotics. Our cows are free ranging and certified free of Tuberculosis & Brucellosis."

"All our cheese is handmade from raw, full cream milk & kosher vegetable/microbial rennet. We guarantee the most natural product, from monitoring the grazing for our cows right through to the cheese making process."



Full Cream Guernsey Milk 



Fruit Yoghurt     

Bulgarian Plain Yoghurt 

Drinking Yoghurt




Plain Feta                                              

Black Pepper Feta

Mozzarella - made from full-cream Guernsey milk, rich & buttery

Mild Prince Albert Royal - mild Gouda-type, matured for 6-weeks

Prince Albert Royal - mild Cheddar-type, matured for 3-months

"won bronze at the world cheese festival"

Black Pepper Royal - Prince Albert Royal seasoned with Black pepper

Royal Cumin - Prince Albert Royal with a hint of crushed cumin

Prince Albert Regal - Strong cheddar type, matured for 6-8 months

"Received a bronze & silver medal at the World Cheese Awards. Has won the SA champion mature cheddar class at the national cheese festival at Bienne Donne"

Queen Vic - Gruyere-type, matured for 6-months a year

Parma Prince - Parmesan style, matured for a year or more


"Winner of numerous awards including Hard Cheeses Reserve Champion at the SA National Cheese Awards"


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